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Debora is a beautiful most loving girl you would ever meet. They tend to smile a lot and always brighten up the day with a laugh. They are good friends that are Loyal humble and respect others in their ways. Boys tend to turn around as soon as she walks in. Debora's have amazing talents that people will always be wowed at. The mostly have nice body shape n good and healthy hair. They love sports and other physical things also they like to join in to do fun activities and also are up for a compatition.

Debora's are mostly emotional and will definitely make u laugh every now and then. They have amazing personalities and always catch people's eyes with their beauty. they are so kind and peaceful within the heart and hate conflict. Lastly they are forgiving and would think twice before doing something.
" I just saw a Debora, she is so beautiful, I want to see her again"
by 🌸🌸🌸🌸 November 24, 2016
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A caring, honest, and respectful friend. She's good in every lessons, good motivator. And also funny. You can find the meaning of friends with Debora. She'll not tell anybody bout your secret. She respect who you are, what do you want to be. And she got funny jokes bout every people. So Debora's the best mate you could find!
Debora, you are wonderful! And you are the best mate I've ever found!
by abbzcullen May 07, 2018
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The hottest chick with da biggest booty. Got da good hair. Likes spicy food, and cheese dip. Definitely a nurse.
by Katcage May 31, 2018
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Beautiful Brazilian Sex Godness. With a nice ass that makes guys turn their heads wherever she walks by. She has those beautiful green eyes and a wonderful sense of humor. Usually are nurses and caring people. Love their friends and are very social.
Looks at that Debora...Dang Nossaaaaaa
by sexymeez November 23, 2013
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She can be very self conscious and shy when they first meet you. But don’t let that fool you she is the loudest when she wants to be and have many friends. She wishes to be confident and works on it everyday. She is short but very athletic if you meet her don’t let her go her smile is the best thing you’ll ever see. She has a unique personality and may come of innocent when you first meet her but don’t let that fool you she Will be your friend till the end and remind you everyday how much you mean to her. She can be emotion but also real with you if she falls in love with you your the luckiest person alive don’t ever let her go and if she doesn’t like you at all even as a friend you’ll know it she’ll tell you straight up to your face she is kind and independent when she’s not being a tomboy she can be very girly if she wants her best friends are a mixture of guys and girls and she’s always the life of the party.
What is your girlfriend like

She’s amazing and beautiful

What’s her name

by Jack Carroll November 27, 2018
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