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Derogatory word used to describe a sub class person. An individual that lacks class and intelligence. During the Old English Medieval Era a scooper was the person that cleaned up the Horse Dong in the streets.

This word is indigenous to the Town of Fallsburg in New York State.

That dude over there is a low life and a real sccoper.
by Hadden Pantel June 14, 2003
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The sexual act of licking from the apex of the scrotum, through the perinuem, and, finally, across the anus. This is performed as a single, continuous lick.
Posited to have developed in the jungles of Equador in the 5th century BC, this increasingly popular activity has recently taken off amongst caucasian men of Irish ancestry in their 4th to 5th decades of life.
My ass was wet all night after Besty gave me a scooper.

I hope Linda holds her breath during my scooper.
by Timothy Emanuel March 21, 2009
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A term used when you want your dick sucked which resembles the sound made when your dick is being sucked. example: "Scoop scoopumm scoop scoop".
1. "Hey baby can I get some scoopes"

2. "That girl can give some mean scoopers"
by Tony T 1107. January 22, 2009
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A desperate lady who sneakily attempts to scoop up her male partner's ejaculate after he has come (on breasts, into condom, wherever) and insert it into her vaginal opening in an effort to enduce pregnancy.
I was dating Kate for a couple of months but then she started getting really clingy and talking about babies and shit, turns out shes a bit of a scooper!
by Vigie May 26, 2006
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