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Descriptive word, usually depecting a person or thing. If referring to a person, theres Lots of confidence, and an aura of almost detachment. In general, Means very suave, very smooth, ultra-cool.
"That guy over there is so schmick"
"My car is totally schmick"
by JessMiester July 13, 2004
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1. I say this in Australia to mean anything sick, cool, tight or excellent.
Usually the item is new, shiny, fresh and mad bling-bling style.
2. Can also be an said to mean 'cool' 'allright' 'OK' or 'yeah' in response to a question, to show your down with it.
1. "Man that Skyline is a Schmick ride."
"Hey! Schmick shirt dude."
2. "Let's listen to some Redman."
"I'll come over later on."
"Soundz Schmick."
by Diego September 18, 2003
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Jargon term describing creative and/or technical excellence in relation to man-made articles.
I love the way that fits together so well, schmick!
by InternationalID August 22, 2011
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John has a new ball, it's schmick

"Do you like that dog?"
"Yeah its a schmick dog"
by Karen Leake January 29, 2003
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To schmick someone means to initiate sexual intercourse with an asleep partner. The partner initiating the intercourse will need lubricant.

It is a german-austrian expression.
I schmicked my girlfriend at 4am this morning.
I got slapped tonight for trying to schmick my girlfriend.
by Hasadeur12 November 08, 2011
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