One who is overly flamboyant. Loves unicorns that leave a trail of glitter. Usually named Rick or Nate.
Hey Nate I just told my parents I was a Schiller now we can blow each others O rings out without hiding it !!!!
by cupcakes queen July 21, 2014
Ewww you fell in the Schiller puddle

Or you have Schiller hair right now you crust
by schiller April 8, 2016
The God of stopping what you're doing, listening, knowing where the door is, hitting yourself on the way out, getting lateslips when you want to go to the washroom, saying the answer is "no." and kay'ing.
Boy: "Excuse me, Mr. Schiller?
Mr. Schiller: "Just stop what you're doing, and listen."
Boy: "I'm not doing anythin-"
Mr. Schiller: "There's the door, don't hit yourself on the way out..."
Boy: "But I didn't do anythin-"
Mr. Schiller: "Get a late slip.."
Boy: "Erm... wha-?"
Mr. Schiller: "I wouldn't say the answer is no, but no."
Boy: "This is ridiculous."
Mr. Schiller: "Kay."
by Dureiz March 8, 2011
Any sexual encounter with a 60 year old French teacher, with a very bad case of krabs and pediphelia
yo man, my teacher made me stay after class for some schiller time, and my balls are itching like crazy man!
by Alex Pet. May 7, 2005
The best Person in The World Witz huge dick . Hot Lips

Much money

Great Cat

A villa
You look kevin schiller like
by Longding December 30, 2016
Begin by jizzing on the back of a girl's neck. Allow the cum to run down to her tailbone. Then as the jizz starts to dry stand Doritos upwards in the cum trail. She will then resemble a stegosaurus!
I'll Schiller Park Stegosaurus that bitch with a bag of Cool Ranch!!!
by December 16, 2007
The act of fucking a girl doggy style while eating an entire greasy pizza off of her back therefore leaving a round grease stain on her back!
I ate a family size pepperoni off that hoe's back last night! Yeah I Schiller Park Grease Backed that bitch!
by December 16, 2007