Someone you can't resist to kiss, in the heat of the moment, you rush into a lovefest.
girl:"that boy he's such a hot lips"
friend: "Yeah, go mack him"
girl...already there...making out with him.
by rawrlylecrocodile January 01, 2007
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When someone cant stop kissing people, or when someone kisses a lot of people.
God that chick so has a case of the hot lips , she was just making out with Jimmy like five min. ago.
by Austin Richelieu February 09, 2009
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1. A complimentary term used to finalise emails or text messages to a loved one.
2. A term used when calling upon a loved one or close friend.
3. A term used when descibing an attractive female friend to ones male freinds.
1. Love you, Hot lips... x x x
2. Hey Hot lips!
3. That Amelia, shes such a hot lips
by JB40k October 31, 2005
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A term used to describe an attractive southern British female. Usually applied to females with blonde hair and blue eyes.
You're such a hot lips, Millie.
by Bertwhistle November 01, 2005
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Before you have sex with a woman, put tabasco sauce on the OUTSIDE of the condom, her pussy lips will be on fire in no time. If you want to cool the burn, pull out and hose it down. (this may also work for BJs.)
My woman is always bragging that she enjoys spicy foods, but she couldn't handle the Hot Lips Houlahan.
by Maxx Casey October 03, 2006
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Hot Lips Healy was an old university nickname of Kate McCann, the mother of 2007's biggest news story, Madeline McCann. Fun fact, Madeline was never called Maddie until she dissapeared. Either they changed the name to make it short and snappy, or they realised that M A D D I E is an anagram for I M D E A D
"Hot Lips Healy has a nice tan, she's been lying in The Sun all week
by Legolas Redbard November 29, 2015
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act in which a man puts hot sauce on the outside of a condom, and has sex with a women, cause her pussy lips to burn.
jimmy: I gave my girl a hot lips houlihan last night.

frank: what happened to her?

jimmy: Her pussy lips started to burn...
by ect17 April 26, 2009
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