An intentional misspelling of the German word "scheisse" (translated to English as "shit") intended to get around Blizzard Entertainment's ToS (Terms of Service) agreement in order to include a frequently used "inside joke" in a Diablo 3 clan name.
"I'm at 302ms lag." Complained Lucky.
"Well... quit downloading Scheizer-porn" Suggested Melviant.
Thus, clan ScheizerFrenzy was born
by Bael#1329 December 16, 2015
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Dude shitting on a chick and her liking it.
He banged her but she didnt cum till he scheizered on her
by KaiRedJess February 12, 2005
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The scheizer noozle is the fine German art form of gently fucking a sleeping or passed out girl in the ass.
We went out for sauer kraut and a few pilsner's but she passed out in the cab on the way home. I had to carry her up two stories to my flat and put her in bed. When undressing her plump milk fed ass I couldn't help but spread those golden german cheeks and give her a good scheizer noozle.
by jrlitterateur May 1, 2020
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Pornographic films that include erotic defecation by two or more Germans. The most common of these films is known infamously as "2 Girls 1 Cup."
Boy 1 - "Ewwwwww, is that one being crapped on?"
Boy 2 - "Ya, this is some ****ing German Scheizer Porn. It's

****ing hot though, right?"
Boy 1 - "No dude! What the **** is wrong with you, yo?"
by TehBestOfTehInternetz July 20, 2009
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