a large town in northeast illinois, west of chicago. Pop. consists of over 85,000 people. Includes one of the largest (and cleanest) malls in america, (Woodfield). Most schools are taught by educators with a masters and doctorite in teaching. Places of interest: Prairie Center for the Arts, Septemberfest, and Woodfield Mall. High Schools: Schaumburg High School (home of the saxons); and James B. Conant High School (home of the cougars). Schaumburg is also named after a city that resides in Germany, so it makes sense that most of the residents are german. The happiest place on earth!
1. Yesterday I went to Schaumburg and shopped at Woodfield Mall.

2. I go to Schaumburg High School, and I run on the cross country team.
by shapplemapple November 13, 2006
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Schaumburg is quite possibly the best place to live in North West suburbia. Those who visit Schaumburg will find new development every where, including a beautiful and thriving Town Square, affordable to very upscale housing, and Woodfield Mall (need I say more?) Education opportunities in Schaumburg inlcude Blue Ribbon winning elementary schools, progressive junior middle schools, and high schools that achieve above state and national standards educationaly and compete with the best athletically. If it's arts and entertainment your looking for, Schaumburg is home to many community ensembles and theatre programs and hosts big name artists year round. The people of Schaumburg are modest, well rounded people who choose not to boast, but to let the strengths of the population and city speak for its self.
I'm going to Schaumburg this weekend on a business trip and I'm staying at a 4 star hotel, going out to eat at one of the many fine restaraunts, and finishing all of my holiday shopping. And I'm never going back to Libertyville.
by kbrajabroniehonie2 December 9, 2005
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Possibly the worst place on earth. Identical to every other suburbia just like it. All the houses were built in the 60's or 70's, falling down, and excatly the same as the house next to it. The only people living in this wasteland are old people and middle aged narcs with their preppy sons and daughters. All the kids play soccer, ride in huge SUV's that are totally unneccicary because its not excatly like schaumburg is in the middle of no where, and go to identical schools because the town was to cheap to hire different archutects. it is soon to be the future slum of america just like every other clone suberb out there.
Schaumburg, Illinois has got to be the worst place on earth. They should tear it down.
by Burn your green day albums October 17, 2005
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A Northwest suburb of Chicago. It has a population of approximately 75,000 and is on the 2007 list of top 10 places to live in the US. It is near Woodfield Mall, the mall with the most shopping space in the country. It is also host to a number of restaurants and a great deal of other businesses and stores. It includes housing from affordable to very high end with excellent school districts. Most high school students who live in Schaumburg go to Schaumburg HS in Schaumburg, Conant HS in Hoffman Estates (a neighboring town), or Hoffman Estates HS. Towns near Schaumburg include Hoffman Estates, Barrington (in all varieties from Barrington Hills to South Barrington), Invernes, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, and Hanover Park in addition to a few more. With decent traffic conditions Schaumburg is less than an hour drive from Chicago.
"I like living in Schaumburg."
by Richard Feynman June 2, 2007
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During man-man-woman intercourse, the act of gloriously inserting both peni into the woman's anus simultaneously.
Me and Tony went to McDonald's the other day. He ordered four Filet-O-Fish, I had the Big Mac, and the honey behind the counter ordered the Schaumburg Double. All parties left the restaurant happy and stuffed.
by Parisian King December 14, 2007
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A school that will make you want to slam your fucking face into a brick wall, so you will be able to comprehend the autism that comes out of the teachers mouths. And if you dont do it yourself, than there are enough fights to the point that someone will do it for you.
I wish that Schaumburg High School would burn down in the California fires, but it is in Illinois.
by I say it so you dont have to December 1, 2018
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A prison in Schaumburg, IL. This school has a case for the worst high school in IL, with their administration leading the way. They do not know what to do, and their teachers do not know how to teach either, besides one, Joshua Csoka. The administration shows their favorites day in and day out, and if you are not on their good side, then you are out of luck. Stay clear of this school for your mental health.
Schaumburg Christian School is the worst school in Illinois
by anonymous3724 November 7, 2021
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