The living shit-hole of Chicago suburbs. There is nothing to do in the north side of Hoffman Estates(north of I-90). Kids here find themselves spending time by the local shopping centers around Jewel. Usually the only things kids do here is smoke weed and drink to pass time, trying to find places to go. Kids come here to hang out with friends but when they come, nothing is ever happening. Except for the couple of kids smoking cigarettes in back of Jewel Osco.
Hoffman Estates sucks. "dude we need to find a ride to Palatine, Hoffman sucks." "I dont want to go to Hoffman, theres nothing to do there."
by Polishdude34 April 18, 2009
The place where the ever delicious William Beckett from The Academy Is... is from. It is a suburb of Chicago, IL
Hoffman Estates? No Way!! Have you ever met William Beckett? My God He's gorgeous!!!!!
by S, Marie Kay June 23, 2008
A bunch of white kids who think they are better than the white kids at Schaumburg. But the Schaumburg kids have dignity and aren’t always acting ghetto.
Bro that kid over there acts like he’s from Hoffman Estates High School
by Mikey Krickey November 29, 2018