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The perfect time for cross country runners to go running in the fall/late summer. Especially good time if there is a light drizzle or a warm breeze. If the weather is especially warm, some may want to start at 5:00 am.
We had cross country practice at 6:00 am this morning.

I love waking up early to go running at 6:00 am!
by shapplemapple November 13, 2006
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a large town in northeast illinois, west of chicago. Pop. consists of over 85,000 people. Includes one of the largest (and cleanest) malls in america, (Woodfield). Most schools are taught by educators with a masters and doctorite in teaching. Places of interest: Prairie Center for the Arts, Septemberfest, and Woodfield Mall. High Schools: Schaumburg High School (home of the saxons); and James B. Conant High School (home of the cougars). Schaumburg is also named after a city that resides in Germany, so it makes sense that most of the residents are german. The happiest place on earth!
1. Yesterday I went to Schaumburg and shopped at Woodfield Mall.

2. I go to Schaumburg High School, and I run on the cross country team.
by shapplemapple November 12, 2006
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