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A scared virgin is a person, usually male, who is scared at the prospect of having sex for the first time.
This is a true story of when I was a scared virgin.

I was in my freshman year of college. I had been the nerd all through highschool. I was highly introverted, yet was insanely lonely. I met a girl in the fourth week of class. Her name was Nicole. Her appearance was of red hair, six feet tall, and relatively lush. I was only five six, and I didn't think that I had a chance with her. Somehow, we began talking in psychology while discussing Freudian psychosexual development. We clicked along well, and I didn't want the class to end. The class ended, and we said goodbye to each other. The next time, she invited me to a sorority party. I lived in a dorm, and detested parties. I accepted her request, although I was uncertain of how to proceede. Anyways, saturday arrived, and I got ready for the party. I put on some underarmor and cologne. I was in loose fitting clothes as I always was for parties. I didn't know the way to the house, so I opened up a self made map of campus. I located the house on the map and set off. Along the way, my tension grew with every step. It wan't the bestial lust of a seasoned womanizer anticipating his next encounter. It was the fear of a student about to take the SAT's. I went onwards, because I didn't want to look like a coward, and because I wanted to prove myself to Nicole. I arrived at the house and asked the chick at the door if Nicole was inside. She said yes, and that Nicole was unusually enthusiastic for tonight. I entered the house and was assailed by the bright lights and loud noises. I looked about for Nicole. I saw her leaning against the wall. I made my way through the revelers and said hi. She replied that she was really happy to see me. Nicole then dragged me onto the dance floor, and I protested that I couldn't dance. She said that there was no issue and she told me to mirror her actions. We began to twist and turn in cadance in each other, our enrapturment grew as the music pounded away. The song ended, and another began. I recognized it as a swing dance. I knew how to swing dance, but Nicole did not hesitate and grabbed me into the position. We danced straight through the song. Twirling and shaking and letting the moment run though us. By the end of the song, I was no longer hesitating and dancing like prince charming, although I was far from fabio. We ended up being close together, then the next song that came over was a slow song. We squared and rest our hands on each other's shoulders. Nicole grew closer. I could feel her blood pulsing in her wrists, and her breath on my hair. She then drew me into a tight embrace, holding me softly. I at first tensed up. I then relaxed as the warmth from her body suffused me. The song ended, and she led me off to a less crowded section of the building. There, we just snuggled up to each other, basking in our warmth and comfort. I broke the embrace and said thank you and informed her of my plan to get beer. I fetched beer for both of us, knowing that she would also be thirsty. She received the punch happily, and we drank mutely. I disliked beer, yet it was better than risking spiked punch. We finished and then she asked me something that I would never forget: had I ever had a girlfriend before. I sadly explained that I had never been part of a couple before and indeed was nervous. I had never been on a date, had sex, kissed, or done anything romantic with a girl. She said that she didn't understand how someone as wonderful as me didn't get snapped up by some lovely lady. I told her it was to do with personality. She did not understand, and I decided to explain to her about the 16 MBTI types. I told her that about 50% of all the girls available were ES's, or extraverted sensors. I explained that I was an INTP, or the antithesis of those girls. I then asked her to submit herself to a brief MBTI test. I asked her firstly if she was a social or private person. She answered social, so i told her that she was an extravert. I then asked her whether or not she was prone to flights of fancy, or if she was firmly in the present. She answered that people called her an airy fairy. I told her that she was an intuitive. I then asked her if she prefered to make decisions by her feelings or by logic. She replied that she was an emotional decider. I told her that she was a feeler. I then asked her the final question: do you prefer finality or variability. She answered that she liked to conclude things, and I then informed her that she was a judger. I said that her MBTI type was ENFJ. She asked if this had anything to do with us. I took the moment and answered that it did. The proposed ideal match for the INTP was the ENFJ. She then said that we were fated to be together. I was a bit scared, but I said that it seemed so. By then we had finished out beer, and I was thuroughly enjoying my date with Nicole. The party was winding down, and I was about to leave when Nicole called me by name in the gentlest voice I have ever heard. He held me by the hands, and I gazed up into her gray eyes, and she gave me this tender look. She moved her face closer to mine then kissed me. It began lightly, wtih me lightly resisting the contact, before succumbing to the sensual joy I was experiencing. We grew more open and fierce in our kiss as we continued. We broke apart, gasping for air, yet happy. We said our goodbyes sadly, yet agreed to meet the next week for coffee. We dated for three more weeks, until the day came when we were going to first have sex. I was immensely nervous. I was horny, and had watched enough porn to have encompased Ron Jeremey's carrer several times. We were in my dorm room, since my roommate was visiting his parents. We were both naked when I broke the silence. I told her fearfully that I was scarred beyond beleif. I fully expecter her to push me away. However, she did the most surprising thing possible. She snuggled up close to me, and rested her head on my shoulder. Nicole said that it would be alright. She kissed me again, and I summoned up the courage to feel her breast. It was warm and soft. I grew more adventuresome. She then pulled off of me moved her head near my pelvis. We then began to make love is a loving manner. It wasn't the hot and fast action of hardcore porn. It was the slow and romantic action of deep understanding. When we finished, I said to Nicole that she was right and that we should do this again. She said that we could repeat the experience in a week. We did, for several years while we both got our diplomas. I got an architetural design major with a minor in classics while she became a psychology major with a minor in philosophy. She had to wait for me to graduate, as she was two years older than me. We got married four moths after I finished college. Now, I am finishing this while she looks at me with the same understanding gaze that she gave me the first time we made love.
by Paetus July 05, 2009
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