Particularly arousing underpants; i.e. thongs, g-strings, etc..

scandalous + panties = scanties
My girlfriend left her scanties hanging on my desk lamp.
by LeadOfHettuce July 21, 2005
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little to no clothing; underwear; lingerie; delicates; "scantily clad"

On a hot day, one walks around freely in their scanties.

"and here you're dancin' in your scanties" --Mr. Warbucks; "Annie"
by mkf March 15, 2004
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Scanty is a green haired, fanged, and a red demon from the anime Panty & Stocking with Gartersock. She is the daughter of Corset, the mayor of Daten City, and the sister of Kneesocks. Her counterpart and rival is Panty.
Scanty to her sister, Kneesocks. "Miss Kneesocks, your face is as red as a beetroot."
by Thebiggesttrolololo January 4, 2012
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“My boyfriend left me for my friend” “Damn that’s so scanty
by GeorgeBush did 9/11 January 27, 2019
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To have one's trousers or underware pulled down in public to ridicule or embarrass the individual.
Person 1: Did you hear what happened to Jake the other day?

Person 2: No what?

Person 1: He got scantied, all the girls laughed!
by Existential Duck April 18, 2011
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Irish term to describe someone who is mean, being unfair or stingy.
your not getting any chocolate.
Ah your scanty!
by clairemcs February 25, 2009
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a term to describe a bird or bloke who does not meet your standards.
Nah mate he/she is scanty.
by badgurrl June 12, 2019
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