something said to express a vague, but intense, desperation or frustration with any or all of the following:

- the world
- yourself
- responsibilities
- everything you know
- a feeling
- religion(S)
- answers without questions
- questions without determination
- inability it seems to start anew
- fleeting
- loss of faith/wonder
- awareness of unawareness
human: (banging fist on ground) fuck it ALL, fuck it all...

human: (laying on ground staring listlessly into nothing) fuck it all... fuck it all.

apathy ignorance despair wonderland insane insanity
by exploreuncertain July 01, 2010
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a special pill that takes away all fellings for anything, also a saying
" i am sitting in my own feces, fuck it all"
" i cant fell my body at all and i think i hear bees, fuck it all"
by Ryan and Mick October 16, 2003
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I shot mixed in a jager Bomb glass, consisting of:

-Wild Turkey American Honey (Inner Shot)
-Blackberry Brandy (Outer Shot)

Depeding on the person, This shit will dominate you.
"Man Those Fuck-it-All's tore my ass up last night"

"How many of those fuck-it-all's did i take? I'M HAMMERED!"
by LEONARD R December 03, 2009
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Used when someone is making a difficult decision and by no logic whatsoever they come to a conclusion by shouting out Fuck it all and their answer.
by MisterPockets August 18, 2010
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1. used to release anger on a group of people.
2. term used to describe what a guy does when in the present of more than one hot bitch
1. they stole my car...fuck em all!
2. Look at all these hot bitches, ill just have to fuck em all!
by Kilroy Was Here August 14, 2004
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when you're sick of it all or when something really pisses you off and you just wanna leave it at that and just go away.
Dan: "you just broke a 500$ piece of art!"
You: "... ahh fuck it all to hell!"
by gromo November 05, 2009
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