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A savvas is a person who is the ultimate friend who sticks there whenever you need him. Smart Clever Handsome.
You can tell that handsome person is a savvas
by ..>..>..>.. March 01, 2015
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Savva is the ultimate savage. He is the most awesome person you will ever meet and way cooler than any of his siblings. All the girls want to date him and think he’s super cute. He is also super nice and smart. He’s a Gryffindor at hogwarts so you already know he’s awesome. He’s also super good at any sport he plays. He has lots of friends and can get any girls number.
Guy number 1: How come Kayla didn’t give me her number but she gave it to Savva ??
Guy number 2: Idk man savva just has game. Maybe you should learn some tips from him
by Directioner4lyfe2002 June 16, 2018
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A dude usually with blonde hair, very cliche but cool, he gets a lot of attention from girls. Savva is a very rare, interesting and caring person! He might sometimes not show his true feelings but only the closest ones get to know real him! He makes great boyfriend material so girls look out for your savvas!
Girl:Hey look your crush savva is there
by Katechkalovessaambody March 31, 2018
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A Slavic Russian soldier who always acts edgy and has too many body pillows. He has long Russian hair perfect for putting in people's faces to make them feel like he's sexy. If u pull his hair he will beat ur ass hole with his 5.6 inch dick. Ultimately he is a Slav he can do a proper squat only because he is Russian
by S.s leader June 13, 2018
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An absaloute soy boy who has the direct fear of any female
That cuck over there is called savva
by BigmanNDogydog May 16, 2018
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Savva is a really big loser who is really into anime, he has at least 489 body pillows which he fondles all of them before going to bed at night. Nobody likes him and his favorite game is Roblox and he likes bad music and watches My Little Pony. He also has no friends but he doesn't care because he has his body pillows. He is also very into Hentai making him a very big loser that jerks off to hentai before going to bed every single night. May I add he also likes loli which is hentai that contains children.
Wow look at that loser Savva stalking Ethan everywhere he goes.
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