Being "savage af" means to act like no single shits were given and doing something that dances on the line between cool and incorrect. Doing something "savage af" usually gets recognition.
"During a videogame match"
Player 1: Team, i wish i was playing with terrorist cause they would at least kill somebody
Player 2: Damn, dat is savage af
by jessthebasstard May 10, 2016
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when someone commits an act which shows no disregard for feelings nor privacy
Jenny fucked Jessica's dad. Jenny is savage af
by Sveriges Kellivision November 3, 2015
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Literal meaning: Savage as fuck
Definition: A person who definetly is NOT Jake or Logan Paul.
Person: Jake is pretty savage af you know.
Someone smarter: No he is not lol
by Definetly not my real name September 9, 2018
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an online mmorpg abbreviation/title/slur, for any player who has the ability to hoard and skillfully use the most power available in each particular game, to guard their "personal space" and friends in the game fiercely and sometimes violently. They can be very mean or very nice people in reality, but they usually have played their game of choice for a good amount of time (years usually) and have very tight social cliques. (World of Warcraft, Wizard101, League of Legends etc.). It literally means "savage as fuck".
That life witch on Wizard 101 was savage af in the morganthe battle, she never healed anyone and she basically soloed the whole time while everyone died.
by Mariah Emeraldheart July 7, 2016
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