The tendency to search for alternatives only until one is found that meets some mininmum standard of sufficiency
A manager looking for a new site for a new plant, for example, may select the first site she finds that meets basic requirements for transportation, utilities,and price even though further search might yield a better location.hence the term satisficing
by sirrom January 25, 2009
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used when the word "satisfaction" cannot possibly described the feeling of enjoyment one is experiencing, often used after a sexual encounter of "HELL YEAH!!!!" proportions.
That bitch Flossie gave me some good satisfization!
by J, Brown J July 5, 2007
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Man I just want a little satisfaction!
Have I completed this task to your satisfication?
by Calvin E. George December 24, 2007
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Satisfaction meets gratification. It is the ultimate form of pleasure.
I felt the most profound feeling of satisfication when I saw that my word had been accepted by Urban Dictionary and wormed its way into the general lexicon.
by Delta Sanchez July 22, 2010
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A degree of happiness and contentness achieved through masturbation.
Joseph, stressed out after a long day at the call-center, rushed right home for a little hand-held satisfication.
by Ash Hunter January 31, 2006
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To feel and/or be sexually satisfied. To have all sexual needs, desires and wants met by somebody.
I need somebody that will give me what I want and give me that Satisfication of what a woman like me really need and when I get dat satisfication," Oh babi it's own and popp-n!".

By: MikoTheGoddess
by MikoTheGoddess January 27, 2022
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that feeling when you do something and it turns out well
Person 1: "Bro I feel such satisfication when I beat an alpharad level"
Person 2: "...What?"
by guy with too much time July 16, 2020
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