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a chick who is very cute, Hot babe, Milf. Whatever just as long as they are cute.
Damn yo that flossie wants to give me domerz.
by Shasta May 17, 2006
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An innocent name referencing a vagina, often used when speaking with children about hygiene.
Little Eva, don't forget to wipe your flossie when you pee.
by Meg710 December 06, 2009
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blonde girl that uses phrases such as

1. you are my mummeh
2. you are my sugar daddeh even though you are a womanthing!
4. don't you just want to put it in a box and rape it
5. Steve he ish a marshmallow!
6. ORGY!
7. up the arse or what?

Also really loves heavy metal music
"I watched queen of the damned with a Flossie last night! She was so random and thinks KoRn are great!"

"Flossie said gangbang and that is what we did."

"Flossie says steve he is a marshmallow!"

"Flossie takes it up the arse."

"Flossie's mummeh is Batman!"
by batmum July 27, 2006
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A flossie, not to be confused with a nasty, is someone who doesn't bathe regularly, has pretty funky breath, and may or may not have an overall greasy appearance. The real difference is that flossies have an excuse, such as being slightly off or molested as a child. Or just being really, really stupid.

They are generally socially fucktarded, gullible, and are the subject to bullying.

Flossies can be good friends with nasties and are usually in their company.

It is more socially acceptable to become friends with a flossie.
Flossie: A bunch of people told me I should try out for the talent show!
Flossie's friend: What do they want you to do?
Flossie: Animal noises.
Flossie's friend: Oh god, no.
by bathe regularly, children. November 14, 2010
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