This is merely an abbreviation for "satellite navigation" part of the GPS or GNNS systems for navigation, pinpoint precise locations or other civilian and military uses. Pilot and sailors use this term. This is electronic vs manual navigation process.
Hey man Bob got a new boat complete with auto pilot slaved to the sat nav."

"Phil's plane has all his navigation connected to his sat nav."
by SeaPilot July 5, 2009
something you get in a dodgem that makes a dodgem even better than a ferrai, even though your dad might have one.
leah " my dad's got a ferrai!"

gary " yeah well, i've got a dodgem with sat nav, YOU FUCKED UP PINEAPPLE SPEWWER"

leah " EWWW, you spew up pineapple aswell, remember when we had pizza then got out of our face! lol"

gary "yeah, but still i have a dodgem with sat nav so HAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
by OhMiGod August 19, 2006
That thing that lives in Shaylenes cubby hole that she chooses not to use while driving around lost not reading road signs and talking!
Why Shaylene should use her Sat Nav
Shaylene: "I don't know how to get to gateway from here"
Celia: "Well why didn't you say that when we left the OB? I don't know where we are"
Shaylene: "I think we are in la lucia"
Celia: "I think we should turn around and go the other way"
Shaylene: "Okay"
Celia: "Look just following the signs to gateway... turn left at the next circle"
Shaylene (turning right at the next circle): shit i missed the turn (this act was repeated four times)
Celia: Don't you read road signs?
by celielia March 18, 2011
A type of dance. Actions which show the often used instructions by a sat nav, for example, At the roundabout go back on yourself.
Steve "What is that retard doing with his arms?"

Brian "He's doing the sat nav"
by General Directions May 19, 2011
The sport of getting to your destination quicker than suggested by your Sat Nav
Me and me mate Dave drove up the coast for the weekend and did a bit of Sat Nav Racing. Dave beat his personal record by 2 minutes. He was well chuffed.
by Sceoig August 13, 2010