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That thing that lives in Shaylenes cubby hole that she chooses not to use while driving around lost not reading road signs and talking!
Why Shaylene should use her Sat Nav
Shaylene: "I don't know how to get to gateway from here"
Celia: "Well why didn't you say that when we left the OB? I don't know where we are"
Shaylene: "I think we are in la lucia"
Celia: "I think we should turn around and go the other way"
Shaylene: "Okay"
Celia: "Look just following the signs to gateway... turn left at the next circle"
Shaylene (turning right at the next circle): shit i missed the turn (this act was repeated four times)
Celia: Don't you read road signs?
by celielia March 18, 2011
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