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a construction site where teenagers can go on and knick D.I.Y tools, radios and run about in squidgey stuff while the security guard isn't there. when the security guard comes you can get a chase and bail over a wall.
leah, gaz n cam went on da conny and did the definition
by OhMiGod August 23, 2006
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something you get in a dodgem that makes a dodgem even better than a ferrai, even though your dad might have one.
leah " my dad's got a ferrai!"

gary " yeah well, i've got a dodgem with sat nav, YOU FUCKED UP PINEAPPLE SPEWWER"

leah " EWWW, you spew up pineapple aswell, remember when we had pizza then got out of our face! lol"

gary "yeah, but still i have a dodgem with sat nav so HAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
by OhMiGod August 19, 2006
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someone who is a total fool and quite annoying.
leah: "i joined the pineapple crew with my dodgem thats comes complete with sat nav!"

gary " ha, well my dad has a ferrari ya flipping bagheady!!!"
by OhMiGod August 18, 2006
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