An Ottawa gang usually found on the southside, consist of broke Arabs who roam common areas in large groups. Members of 'SASS' enjoy past times of jumping, beefing and robbing random middle schoolers with no connections to the streets. Also known as a 'filthy rat' you will never find a member of 'SASS" alone as their very limited strength comes within the size of their group.
Person 1; Yo I think I saw SASS in Overbrook
Person 2; No way man they would never step in the east, they're too pussy
by Mr. T September 14, 2019
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to finish something.

bro any more weed..sassed it

also means weed seasion

(smoked) (finished) (blaze) (sassy) (weed)
herd the bro got a hiding last night.
yeah he got sassed for talking bref

got us a sass?
na bro smoked it
by strizz boogie November 30, 2015
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