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Brian Bell (of Weezer) is the Master of Sass. Master of Sass comes from his cool attitude and style.
The Master of Sass truly is Brian Bell.
by webmaster July 22, 2004

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Guitarist for Weezer. He's the Master of sass
Many weezer fans describe his style as sassy.
by webmaster July 19, 2004

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brian bell, of Weezer, is the sass master.
by webmaster July 22, 2004

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hXc bassist for weezer. He is flippin' awesome. He deserves a grammy for awesomeness.
He is just so hXc, and he can rock the bass HARD, move over mikey and matt.
by webmaster February 28, 2005

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The creation of a complex and multilayered story that has been fabricated purely to get out of an activity or spending time with someone.
I'm totally webbing my girlfriend tonight, she thinks I'm taking a flight to Micronesia to feed Ugandan refugees with funding that was raised from America's top 10 highest paid flight attendants, when I'm really going to the pub with my mates.
by WebMaster March 04, 2015

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