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Someone who has fully embraced the amalgamation of human stupidity seemingly as though they were covering themselves in a thick layer of tar. Someone so stupid that they deserve to be tarred and feathered.
+rep based but tarpilled
by DaeBaeFay October 12, 2021
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Another term for "lets get this bread" which is catchy and obscure. Primarily used by gamers or normie twitter users.
*wins match* YOOO gamers lets Finagle that Bagel brother.
by DaeBaeFay December 31, 2019
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A grungy shirt from the early 2000s typically worn by dirt bikers and bmx bikers. Worn out torn shirts worn by losers who talk to their bikes more than their family members.
Do you see that biker over there? That idiot is wearing a Tapout Shirt
by DaeBaeFay November 30, 2018
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An antonym for "Lets get this bread" because instead of obtaining said gluten, one is *yeeting* the wheat. One could say that it is the equivalent to throwing a match.
Friend1: Alright squad lets get this bread
Friend2: Nah bro im gonna Yeet that Wheat this match
by DaeBaeFay January 1, 2019
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When a mortal has hit peak madness and the sheer insanity can not be contained in their finite shell anymore is when you have hit Joey mode. Tales have been told that it has only been experienced once, and the after math was that equal to both Hiroshima and the Holocaust at once.
Pat: Oh my gosh is he going Joey Mode?
Zak: We better run! this isn't gonna be pretty!
by DaeBaeFay January 1, 2019
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