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an amazing beautiful and talented girl, she charms every boy. when she walks into a room all eyes are on her.
she is an amazing friend and is always there for her bffs . she is kind caring and loving <3 oh and all guys think she is amazing and beautiful.
-dude who is that chick passing by
- oh her? that's Sarine
-daanng she is so damn beautiful :D
by biiish January 02, 2011
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Sarine is an amazing hot smart girl. She might be a bit of a loner but this is the root of her extraordinary charm. Sarine might be mean sometimes but her kindness drown us all and makes us her slaves.
Girl, I need help with my homework, please!you're such a Sarine!!! :D
by theworldisfake2008 November 18, 2009
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