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She is loyal, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and unique. If you are lucky enough to have the love of a Saranya, she will stand by you, accept your faults, your idiosyncrasies, and still care enough to give you a second chance even when you are foolish enough to fuck up big time. Her laugh is intoxicating, her sarcasm is brutal, entertaining, and honest. She is real, and in your face, and not for the weak of heart or mind. She will challenge you, but not judge you. If your values are shallow, empty, or vane she will see through your facade and eliminate you from her world. If you are real, honest, and worthy, she will defend you, and protect you. Consider yourself lucky if a Saranya accepts you into her world. She is independent , and capable. If she's there for you, it's because you're worthy, not because she needs you.!
A Saranya is rare, indépendant , and loyal. Not to be taken for granted or used.
by drsaxaphone June 01, 2016
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