person: aw crap! i've got sap all over my hands!
by sillysac August 29, 2005
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Noun. Insult. A person whose character has a spiritually debilitating effect on others. Typically an unhappy person who perenially moans to others but can also be someone who exhibits annoying behaviour.
Mike droans on and on about conspiracy theories - what a sap!
by Dan Fox July 04, 2003
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Another term for sperm or seemen. more derogatory like, jizz or cum.
1. "last night i sapped all over her!"
2. "yeah, she made me sap"
by sir. Awesome-o December 07, 2009
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A commercially sold Enterprise Resource Planning system integrating most business functions into a single meta-program.
SAP is so complicated that for most businesses it's like driving a drywall nail with a B52.
by Cloudy Day March 29, 2004
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A hand-held weapon that was originally developed in medieval times that consisted of a five pound chain-mail bag full of metallic chunks that could be used to deliver sub-dual damage. Today, it has be redeveloped as a rubber impact weapon.
There's a spy sappin' my sentry!
by Theo Hux September 29, 2008
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