Sama is a very interesting and also good-looking girl who always surprises one again with her creative stuff and taste in music. Actually her taste in music is one of the best I know and her playlists are heavily slept on. As the most important of all, her meme game is top notch and probably can cure depression, while she is also very good in writing entries on Urban Dictionary. She definitly underestimates her photography skills, which many people (including me) admire. Plus she is dankrupt all the time.
"Man, Sama sounds soo much cooler than Sami"

"Did you see Sama last night? Yea I saw her playing mad pool and hitting them eight-balls"
by seba.sta January 15, 2019
Sama is an abbreviation for samating - meaning awesome,cool, really or very good at something.
This word started out in a 1920's Brookly ghetto as 'some kind of ting' but during the great depression a bunch of cotton pickers emmigrated to England to make a living and word spread. Over time 'some kind of' was shortened to some to make some ting then shortened again to sama, hence samating. In the early 21st century samating was shortened to sama for convenience. So infact, if you think about it all you're really saying is 'some'... how silly.
Person 1: Is Pascal a good runner?
Person 2: Yeah, he is a sama!

Person 1: Is Gawley a willyhead for not attending crosscountry?
Person 2: Yeah, Gawley is sama willyhead!
by pseudonymisastupidword November 29, 2011
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Sama is a person with a beautiful soulful voice which is smooth and sultry, while her words are powerfully poetic.
by Nectarr June 24, 2006
Sama is such an amazing person. I always admired her but as I know her better now i can say that she is one of the kindest, funniest and uniquest persons I know. As a creative mind, she just inspires with her taste in music, fashion, art and she just takes such a different approach to so many things. Everything she does just feels so true and unique. Never underestimate how spontaneous she is, which always ends up in amazing memories. There are so many things I love about her like her photos(you are a really good photographer sama), her memes, her smile, her big-heart.. there are just too many things I guess. I am really grateful to know her and always enjoy spending time with her. Thank you Sama for being you and making me happy, whether its trough songs, hanging out, videos of the ocean(i really love them), kind words and so on. x seba
"I hope I'll meet Sama
at Hofer today"
"Damn, where does Sama get her Music from, she got the sauce!"
by seba.sta January 26, 2019