Spanish for cheers, bless you (when someone sneezes), and can be used to refer to good health.
Buena salud: good health.

(people raising their shot glasses)

(person sneezing)"ACHOOOO"
by Kief Salad July 6, 2008
1. Mixing multiple kinds of marijuana in one pipe or blunt
Me: Shit niggs that looks like a herb salud in dat bitch
by Crizzle McGizzle May 4, 2008
Julia Saludes is gay, she sucks. If you’re guy, get away from her. She can be dangerous, she also likes to fuck penguins.
Sometimes you’re so Julia Saludes

(That means that you’re so gay, and a penguin rapist)
by teatimewhore December 5, 2018
sexiest person in the state of Hawaii, he a player, he got big DICK, he wants to fuck everyone "girls and boys", he love to masturbate, he fucks his friends and family.
?: omg dylan you wanna fuck me!

dylan salud: yah

?: lets do it. but where?
dylan salud: at my house no ones home
?: ok.
?: "moans" you got a fuckin huge dick
by someone who fucked September 17, 2017
Literally, a "Food Cheers". The awkward, somewhat unhygenic kinetic compulsion by diners to ram spoonfuls of meatloaf or other sustenance together in a celebratory way.
To commemorate their successful new cheesecake recipe Ethel and Beulah touched forks and initiated a Food Salud.
by Epinionator November 3, 2010