When she succ you through your Tommy boxers but doesn't finish so you have to jack off on your own to cum.
Yo, this chick gave me a salty nut last night after I paid for dinner wtf
by Kinkouuuu February 20, 2016
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When you eat a girl out after another guy has came inside her recently, the last guy's creampie ends up in your mouth
"My girlfriend's pussy tasted weird last night"
"Dude, I totally creampied her before you got home, you had a salty nut roll!"
by Corset wearing gorilla January 18, 2016
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When you're only slightly agitated or have a small problem with somebody
Boy 1: man that Tyrone is such an asshole

Boy 2: sounds like you have a salty nut
by Saltynutexpert January 29, 2016
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