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EXtremely cute, gorgeous, stunning, amazing... shows compassion, very loveable, a bit shy, but still very out going and friendly. She is a very unique and original girl. She is the kind of girl who seems a bit outrageous, weird, typically innocent looking. very clumsy, dorky at times, can lose her temper easily. Has a bit of a nerd-like personality. Loves food! she's keeps on eating, but she does not gain weight, but stays the exact same. so awesome. but yet no one knows the real her, who she really is.... but yet it wouldn't be the same with out her, her friends would feel kind of empty, maybe even weird without her. If this is what you look for in a girl, shes perfect for you.
"WOW! Salina you are soooo cute!!!!!"

" you are the MOST BEAUTIFUL Salina I have ever seen!!!"

" I just love you, your the BEST!"

"I love EVERYTHING bout you, your my kinda girl"
by mr.bboy_AZN man August 08, 2012
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A sweet little girl with the prettiest eyes, A salina is usally skinny, with natural boobs and thighs. A salina is a lucky charm, and any guy would be lucky to have A salina. salina is a crusher and a lover, if you annoy the fuck out of her shell start to scream at you. a salina wont want any one near her man, if she dosnt want you around him shell usally tell someone else to tell you to back off, or if you get on her bad side, shell tell you to stay away. a salina is usally protective of ones she loves.
when it comes to a boyfriend/or husband then you better stay away from her man, or shell plan the most horrible revenge. a salina is usally quite and shy, and shes the badest mother fucker when it comes to jelousy. if your a friend of a salina, then you better be a good or friend alike her or else shell backstab you

a salina
a salina is usally never judging, and can fall into deep love,

a salina usally will hate anyone, if a salina dosnt hate you them stay on her good side.
a salina is usally intellignt and knows a bitch when she sees one. salina likes to be the boss, and salina usally likes to touch or be touched, but somthing a salina hates is getting poked, if you wanna piss off a salina then you poke her, but if you really want to piss her off then expect getting beat the shit out of, or shell never stop complaining about it.
salinas or usally cute and cuddly
Man 1: hey i wish i had a salina.
man 2: i just got one last week, and im keeping her forever.
man 1: aw you lucky fucking basterd.
by LgsMan August 06, 2012
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An incredibly sweet girl
Never falls for the "popular guys" in school
Very quite
Very cute
Very cuddly
If she makes a loved one sad she can hurt her self
She learns on her own
She'd change herself for a very loved

She's very into technology and music
She'd could give you a while paragraph of a city you never have heard of

She's a nerd inside a geek

Of you with a salina now

You stick with that salina

Unless the first letter of your name is under t
A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s z y
Of your first name starts with any of those the your not good enough for her
Of your name starts with a

T u v w x

Then stick with her

Or you'll regret it in your feature
Hey did you hear about salina dating the head debate kid

Yea what a geek, who would date that guy

*salina comes up behind* I hope you know Arron if you dare. Make fun of warden again you'll loose your pretty little hand

Arron: O.o
Jason: *runs* SHE'S EVIL

Tanner: oh I know it <3_<3 she's a pretty girl

no one likes tanners
by Finlandboytanner October 28, 2012
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A farming town located in Monterey County, California. It is best know for fertile fields, gang violence, underage drinking and Palma Football. Most people who stay live in their parents house or work on the family farm.
"Where are you from, Bitch?"

"I am from Salinas."
by steve5917 July 30, 2006
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Booty booty booty. Salinas usually have big bootys. When you meet a salina she will be quiet at first but once you start talking she will never stop!! Salinas typically have brown or light blonde hair and big brown eyes. If you're friends with a salina she will always have your back but don't piss her off or you will feel her rath. Salinas take their job very seriously and are good at what they do. If you ever cross a salina make sure you say hi and introduce yourself
How did you not see salina? That bod has everyone looking her way
by Bootybootybooty July 08, 2014
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The salad bowl of America. Aka Steinbeck Country; home of the Steinbeck Center, Library, House, and gravesite. Known for overcrowded schools, unfortunate gang violence, and short library hours.
Kate: "Let's go to the beach!"

Christina: "Haha. We may be in california, but this is Salinas, it's always foggy and the beach is half an hour away."
by swimmerchick500 May 12, 2008
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