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any smart beautiful muslimah who was named after one of the mothers of the believers.
yo son, check out safiyah. u cant even see her shape, shes so modestly covered! mashaAllah hook me up a wife like that
by umThalaatha April 23, 2009
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Safiyah \s(a)-fi-yah\ as a girl's name is pronounced sa-FEE-ah. It is of Arabic, Hindi and Swahili origin, and the meaning of Safiyah is "friend; pure".

Females with the name Safiyah usually have an adorable personality. They're friendly, outgoing, nice, loving and tend to be very beautiful. Females with this name are also usually Virgins, either until they think they've found the right significant other or until they get married. Beware though, safiyahs can be very deceiving. They can act nice to you and seem like the most friendliest people in the world but their thoughts and what they like could say otherwise.

Other than this, if you ever find a Safiyah you should definitely try to keep her for as long as possible. As a mate Safiyah's will love deeply and forever if you let them. They can become a bit clingy at times and even become jealous easily but they won't admit it or show it. As a friend Safiyah's will be extremely adventurous, outgoing, and crazy and if you like that then they'll probably become your best friend in no time.
Ex 1.

Guy: who's that girl over there?
Guys friend: That's safiyah.
Guy: Wow she's GORGEOUS...
Guys friend: yea she's a keeper!

Ex 2.
Girl: hi I'm Cindy
Safiyah: HI! I'm safiyah. Don't be so shy, i don't bite... Wanna go get lunch with me?
Safiyahs thoughts: hah, Cindy... Such an easy target. If i was a vampire i would've bitten her by now and she would've became such a splendid lunch for me.

Ex 3.
Safiyah: you know i love you so much
Boyfriend: i love you so much to
Safiyah: forever and always
Boyfriend: yes, until death do us part

Ex 4.
Safiyah: we have to go on the tallest roller coaster ever!
Friend: hahaha! of course! But your not scared just a little...
Safiyah: heck no! Stop being such a baby ha ha! Lets go have some fun!
Friend: hah alright!
by F.T.I.M&B May 17, 2014
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An Asian beauty, the name itself means 'lion's share', 'untroubled', 'pure' and 'friend'.

Safiyah's are smart, funny, friendly, and most of all, hot as fuck. Like, honestly, it's unfair to all other women sexy. If you ever see a Safiyah, know that no other women will ever compare. You will thirst after them for the rest of your natural life. If your lucky enough to have a Safiyah pick you, know that you're the luckiest guy in the world, congrats!
Friend 1 (to Friend 2): "And this is my friend, Safiyah!"
Friend 2 (under breath): ...fuck.
by FuckThisShitI'mOut June 05, 2018
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