can be used in eating disorder communities, and autism communities, in ed, can be defined by a food that is low in calories and the person is not worried about eating it, in autism, autistic people can be ''picky eaters'' because sensory issues, so, safe food, is a food that the person likes it, the texture, and its safe to eat, and that will not cause a meltdown
''yeah, my safe food is apples''
''im autistic, my safe food is spaghetti''
by ggukied March 19, 2021
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A term used by people with eating disorders to describe a low calorie food that’s “safe” to eat.
Apples and lettuce are safe foods
by Ed000 March 5, 2018
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food that is safe to eat for a woman while in her menstrual period. these foods will not alter her mood in a negative way and will not give her any sort of cramps or physical discomfort.
Jenna forgot to eat "period-safe food" and she was cramping all day and having b*#ch making it almost impossible to be around her.
by stoopeedjaz June 8, 2009
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