2 definitions by ggukied

found in tic disorders, more likely Tourette's syndrome, can happens by intense emotions, anxiety, etc, the person can't stop ticcing, its tiring and can last to minutes to several hours, in more severe attacks, the person can be hospitalized
''i had a tic attack yesterday, i almost passed out''
by ggukied March 19, 2021
can be used in eating disorder communities, and autism communities, in ed, can be defined by a food that is low in calories and the person is not worried about eating it, in autism, autistic people can be ''picky eaters'' because sensory issues, so, safe food, is a food that the person likes it, the texture, and its safe to eat, and that will not cause a meltdown
''yeah, my safe food is apples''
''im autistic, my safe food is spaghetti''
by ggukied March 19, 2021