A twitch emote that reptresents one's feelings on a sad and depressing cause. Rumor is that the word is a combination of 2 words: sad and cringe respectively
You actually third impostored that, sadge.
by jimmyFL October 20, 2020
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sadge is the term used when mentioning the most superior esports organisation, Sadge Esports ; home to all car ball enthusiasts with unironically uncentered profile pictures.
''Wow I really want to join Sadge Esports!''
by Prince Sharming September 28, 2020
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A Twitch emote that means sadness or depression
Carl: My father died yesterday. Life has no meaning for me anymo
John: Sadge yes that sucks MaN
by P4P4SMURF July 2, 2020
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Sadg is when somebody is sad but either ironically or just not sad enough to be depressed
I’m moving in Tuesday
Oh well that’s sadg
by Maileo June 20, 2019
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The Downfall of ones self deeming thereself worthless and becoming the thing they wanted.(Depressed/Suicidal)

(Context) Sonichu Wikipedia
Guy1: Bro have you heard of the story of Sonichu?
Guy2: Yeah man that's big fucking SADGE!
Guy1: FACTS.
by Amar L November 28, 2020
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