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When a man has his penis shot off and is left with only his testicles looking like saddle bags.
Greg was saddlebagged, and can no longer piss standing up.
by Killerrabbit November 03, 2013
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When your car is stuck due to a material pushing on the bottom preventing the wheels from getting traction.

A wedge pressing against the under carriage of a car.
Imagine a teeter totter only with a car for the board and seats.
A snow plow came past the drive way making a mound of snow. I tried to ram it but my car got staddlebagged. I tried to jump the curb now I'm saddlebagged.
by Inconclusive Moke May 03, 2018
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Vehicle elevated by some unplanned means leaving vehicle tires without contact with the ground. Hopelessly stuck in a ditch.
We saddlebagged our truck on a huge mound of dirt and we were hopelessly stuck.
by Hosay1958 February 08, 2019
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