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When a guy puts on a pair of girls' panties and one ball drops down on each side.....thus creating...saddlebags...
Man...have you talked to Justin...he hasn't been OK since the breakup...I walked in on him wearing his ex girlfriend's panties saddlebagging it in front of the mirror crying listening to Beyoncé....
by Thegyver February 26, 2017
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Pornographic film genre involving busty nude women riding mechanical bulls. Saggy labias and breasts are usually preferred by the genre's devotees.
'Saddlebagging 3: The Battle of Bull Run' was a great erotic film!
by T-Trash Ho November 24, 2007
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Excessive tanning. To the point where one no longer resembles a human being, but a saddlebag with eyes.
"Whoa! That sundried shade must've taken some serious saddlebagging to achieve!"
by McBuffet September 12, 2012
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The process of wrapping another man's sack around your dick with one ball on one side and one ball on the other and stroking until climax
My boyfriend's ass was hurting too much so we had to settle for saddle bagging
by The Real Dwobbit May 26, 2018
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