A terrible place to live.
and here is why:

1. Downtown sucks my ass

2. Our homeless problem has spread to our suburbs and is swiftly becoming a national joke

3. We have a Triple-A baseball team whose mascot is called "dinger."

4. Our NBA franchise, our lone major sports team, can't win the big one, has seen its' best years pass it by, and is itching to move to Las Vegas.

5. There are no real restaurants anywhere within 100 miles of here.

6. Our idea of a landmark is the downtown bridge. Gorgeous.

7. When people ask for recommendations of things to do in Sacramento, there are only two possible answers:
1. Long pause, followed by "See the capitol building!"

2. Tell them to keep driving until they get to San Francisco

8. We host the State Fair… a haven for hill people and white trash

9. Frisbee golf is considered acceptable recreation here.

10. The biggest sports debate in this town is which of the football teams, located 100 miles away from here, is your favorite.

11. Our fans at basketball games ring cow bells.

12. There is no freeway linking the two fastest growing counties (el Dorado and Placer). There are no plans for such a freeway. The roads that do connect the two (Sunrise and Hazel) are ALWAYS under construction.

13. The only time our city makes national news, it's negative. Think "Fire Department scandal."

14. Our idea of "great shopping," is a strip mall that has a "Barnes and Knoble," AND an "Old Navy." Classy.

15. We are surrounded by such lovely smaller cities as Lodi, Stockton, Modesto, Fairfield and Vacaville.

16. Our city's slogan is the "City of Trees." Not the city of lights, city by the bay or city that never sleeps…the city of trees. Wow, how utterly horticultural.

17. Most people move to California for the scenery, weather, culture, leisure activities and mind-set. We have none of that. People began the influx into Sacramento 10 years for one reason; it was cheap. Now we don't even have that.

18. Our city's nicknames are queer. Los Angeles is the "city of angels" (the only people in the nation that call it "la-la land" are jealous people from northern California). New Orleans is "the big easy." Chicago is "chi(shy)-town." What are we? "Sac"... you know, as in "ball sack."

19. Our second greatest landmark, after the bridge, is the river. The brown, disgusting river that homeless guys defecate in daily.

20. Of all of the major metropolitan areas in America, we have, hands down, the worst, most pathetic, most embarrassing airport in the nation. I will cede that it is trying to catch up now, but it has a long way to go.

21. We actually set up a tennis stadium in a mall parking lot... and we think it's perfectly ok to do so.

22. Actor Timothy Busfield is our most famous hometown celebrity.

23. Our official city flower is the "oleander."

24. People here think Granite Bay is where the rich and powerful live. Have you EVER been to Beverly Hills, La Jolla, Sausalito, or Long Island?

25. Our biggest agricultural claim to fame is…rice. Yes, flooded fields of rice.

26. Our zoo is crappy. It takes 37 minutes to walk the entire thing.

27. The only place to get a great steak in this town is at a chain restaurant.

28. Our hotels are horrible

29. the people here are terrible, bitchy people.

30. when returning to sacramento from a trip, you get the feeling of bitchyness while entering the city.
"Have you ever been to sacramento?"
"ya, i would rather live in hell!"
by worsttownever April 29, 2009
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You would think by listening to the news and the radio that Sacramento is the greatest city to live in ! NEVER ! This city has so many bad points that it is hard to list them all.

1. Bad weather and excesive heat/cold, too much pollen in the spring due to the proud amount of trees

2. the city has no real culture. they think their jazz scene is hot when once a year Sacramento has the Dixieland Jazz Festival which they found out it does not attract people. Hence , the new name of the jazz festival. There is a very cliche jazz scene but no real talent . This scene likes to play in Colleges. Have you ever heard of the classy bar Yoshis in San Francisco ? Need I say more ?
Most of the artist and musicians have an attitudude as if they are on the same level as truly cultural citys . Furthermore, they put down real citys and they are big fishes in a little dirty bowl.

3. In general , the people are so bored and maybe religious that they constantly judge others when it is none of their f+CKin business what others do and if they don't approve, they go out on a mission to destory your sabotage or discredit others that they are jealous or don't like .

4. They don't know class and think they are living the high life in Granite Bay, Folsom and the fab 40s.. Ever hear of Lauguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego and San Francisco ! Or do you just adopt the attitude that everything else sucks since you have never travelled there. ! I am sorry just a trip to Disneyland is not enough to judge Southern Cal.

5. There are a bunch of lemmings who follow each other here . If you are an individual you are consider odd and mental. You are considered to be marked or insulted if you have different opinions on other places that are better than Sacramento. This town has a severe inferiority complex .

6. The majority of the people are state workers who suck of the titty of California. There is so much waste in jobs that California is nearly bankrupt ! There are incompetant workers with a poor work ethnic because bureacy are poor managed, inefficient and it is not there money !
by I hate Sacramento too June 26, 2009
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The once bohemian, now overdeveloped, capital of California. Hot, crowded and overpriced. Was once the last refuge of the Bay Area's working class. Now a wasteland of corporate polish and greed. Proof of Agent Smith's "virus" theory in "The Matrix."

Nicknames: Sack-a-tomatoes, Satan's Armpit, Suck-A-Dead-Toe, etc.
Sacramento used to be a cool place to live until the yuppies found us.
by ʇʞǝظqo March 02, 2011
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People talk shit about this town, and I'm not from $acra, but I'm gonna defend it. It's NOT a cowtown. I spent 18 years of my life in a fucking cowtown of 200 people and all ranches. I would know what a cowtown is, and you have to go hella outta town to even see any cows. Second Saturday is crackin', huge block party basically. Everyone gets fucked up, the river is right here, perfect for hot days, and there's endless lakes, streams, rivers, etc to fish or chill at. The people are friendly, and there's a lot of races here. Worst part is it gets fucking hot. The rent is reasonable, and Sac is not small. It's 500,000 people for all you idiots that think it's tiny. Somehow, they still maintain a small town feel thought, which is nice. Hella good dank, downtown is crackin, lots of bars and good food....hella things to do. Cops don't really jock, but the fucking meter maids are out to get you. Greater Sac area is huge....Sacramento has a lot of shit to do, and is way less stressful and bullshit than some $crap ass city like SD or LA. And oh ya, that's the best part....no $craps. Therez some wannabe $craps in Howe Park, but that's it. Nice place to live overall.
"I'm moving up to Sacramento next month"

"Fo sho, eNe, city of trees, break me off something"
by 916 2 THA 831 September 25, 2009
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The capital of California. We now have a retard, Nazi Governor doing business there. Also known for excessive use of the word hella, being a "cow town" and having some dank herb.
I was born in Sacramento. I should've stayed, because Los Angeles is a place of moral decline.
by Ghst October 03, 2004
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Where people don't know how to drive and foreigners congregate. If you move to Sacramento it's mandatory that you get something on your car that says "Kings", you also must say "hella" ten times a day.
I was thinking of moving to Stockton but Sacramento didn't suck as much.
by thisplacereallysucks November 21, 2009
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As the capital of California--the state with the largest population which boasts the world's 4th largest economy--Sacramento is a thriving city sprawled in the north-central part of the state just 1 1/2 hours inland from the San Francisco Bay Area. While Sacramento can reach temperatures of 110 degrees or higher in the summer months and has big trucks a-plenty, it has a lot going for it as well: well paying jobs, decent, clean and safe suburbs, good schools and a multitude of ways to have fun make Sacramento one of the most desirable family cities in America. While Sac Town may not have much of a scene for the under 40 crowd there are still places where young people can hang out and have fun. The American River is a popular party location, Sac State and UC Davis (in nearby Davis) supply the area's college scene and numerous restaurants, coffee and yogurt shops, bookstores and clubs provide ideal settings for the youth to meet and socialize. I grew up in Sacto and I'm always open to the idea of moving back there and settling down when I'm over 40 and have a family.
PA soccer mom: Honey, I'm tired of this depressing eastern landscape. I hate these harsh winters and I'm tired of looking at abandoned textile factories and farms on my way to work. Let's move to Sacramento, CA. I heard that it's the mecca of suburbia.

PA office park dad: You're right darling. The jobs pay very well out there and there aren't as many minorities. Besides, we can sit in our air conditioned house all day and stare at our neighbors through our mini-blinds. What is more fun than that?

PA soccer mom: But...you know there are those rednecks to worry about.

PA office park dad: Ah, don't worry about them. We'll live in Rocklin where the only rednecks we'll see will be the guy who looks like Axl Rose mowing our lawn.

PA family: Yay! Let's move to Sacramento!
by Nite of Nat September 30, 2007
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