Sacramento is fo G's only nigguh. fuck wit eassac u betta b wearin a vest nigguh. L.A. suck my dick
now take a lesson from a sac-town criminal
by brotha lynch November 22, 2004
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probably the worst place in california to grow up. you are hours away from the beach and the mountains. the only thing to do is go to the polluted sacramento river, or if you are further up, the american river. there is no night life or anything to do unless you are over 21, then you get to frequent the numerous shit dive bars that are run by red necks. there are 3 clubs here and they suck donkey balls. downtown is cool for about 5 whole minuets. its hotter then hell here in the summer (100 degrees plus) and it rains 4 months out of the year in the winter. the kings suck dick. It is a fucking cowtown, i've lived here all my life. 5 minuets from sacramento there are fucking cows and rice fields. don't come here unless you want more motivation to kill yourself.
guy 1: "hey i'm going to sacramento for a wedding"

guy 2:"i'm sorry to hear that."
by i_rule July 23, 2009
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The most boring city ever, despite the fact that it's fairly big. It’s the capital of California. It has no real ghettos. The closest thing it has to a ghetto is Del Paso Heights, which isn't really that bad. It also has only a couple really affluent neighborhoods, so pretty much 98% of Sacramento is middle class. Sacramento has no real uniqueness or culture like other cities. The only thing that's sort of unique is the old Victorian-era houses that are downtown, a few blocks from the government buildings. Yeah, it has clubs, bars, and restaurants, but every city has that. None of them are particularly interesting.

The weather sucks. In the fall, winter, and spring it gets cold and rains, but it never EVER snows except up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which are about 40 miles from the city. Because of this, you will never get to make a snowman, make a snow angel, or have a snowball fight unless you take a trip to the mountains. In the summer it gets really hot, and is over 90° F for most of June, July, August, September, and the first half of October. Sometime in October the weather switches from really hot to rainy and cold, as mentioned above. So the weather is pretty much never good, except maybe in April and May.

One good thing about Sacramento is that there are a lot of different races and nationalities living here, and there isn’t much racism. There is a large Russian and Ukrainian immigrant population.

The teenagers in Sacramento use the word "hella" a lot. It can get annoying after a while, but it’s not too bad.

Sacramento is an industrialized city, not a cow town. The only farms and ranches are on the very outskirts of town.

The Kings are the basketball team of Sacramento. They play in Arco Arena, a pretty but extremely loud arena in West Sacramento. The Kings’ colors are purple and black. The Kings and the L.A. Lakers have had a sort of feud going on. In 2002 the Kings were actually good enough to make it to the Western Conference NBA Finals. The Lakers came to Sacramento for one of the games and stayed in a hotel, where Kobe Bryant got food poisoning. No one else got food poisoning in that hotel, so it’s pretty obvious that the hotel staff poisoned him on purpose to try to get the Lakers to lose. The Lakers won the Western Conference finals anyway. The Kings suck now.

Sometimes Sacramento is called Sac-Town, but that name is just used by lame wannabe-gangstas. No one here actually seriously calls it Sac-Town.

So that’s the lowdown on Sacramento. It’s a really boring city that has nothing distinguishing about it. It’s the most average, normal, run-of-the-mill city ever.
God, Sacramento is boring.
by Aquamelon September 02, 2006
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The capital of California, also known as Suckramento.Contrary to popular belief, Sacramento is NOT a cowtown, Sacramento County is mostly urban-suburban, but make no mistake, it is DEFINITELY NOT exciting here either. After 10pm, there is absolutely nothing to do, unless you enjoy getting drunk (like everywhere, bars are open until 2am), or going to the 24-hour WalMart, or smoking crank.
"Sacramento: where fun comes to die..."
by Nastina August 06, 2005
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Piece of shit city in the middle of a shitty state. It is flat and ugly and green here. The whole city is full of minorities and poor people. It's boring and the people are rude. It is called Ball Sac city. Everywhere you look, you see homeless disgusting people pushing shopping carts and digging in trashcans. There is a ton of crime here with a lot of drive by shootings by gangs. But, despite all the crime, the cops just want to pull over old ladies and good citizens. The city is too busy giving out tickets for having your cars on your lawn than to actually fix the city.
Fuck Sacramento! I hate this place.
by Old Greg n Bob April 16, 2008
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A whack ass town that tries so hard to be like the bay. There's never shit to do and it supposed to be the state capitol.
sacramento will never be part of the bay, a bunch of biters trying bring hyphy in the area.
by mama deez March 20, 2007
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The Capital of California, Sacramento is a medium-sized metropolitan area containing several layers of government: State, federal, county, city and even some military elements (though most military bases were closed in the '90s) Though some still believe it's a "Cow Town", there are several developments of late that have dispelled that image. Sacramento is not a bad city as cities go; we have many forms of entertainment, high-end restaurants, the State Fair, Old Sacramento and other attractions, including a yearly Jazz Festival. What the city lacks is a major tourist type attraction like Disneyland, or Great America. Luckily, Sacramento is within drivable distances to cities and beaches that DO attract tourists. The casinos springing up around the region do little to add to the entertainment choices. Some good concerts are staged on occasion, but that's not a regular thing. I think Sacramento is still struggling to emerge from it's rural roots, and is ready to grow into a major destination for all types of revenue producing industries, in addition to more appealing entertainment draws.
People drive from Sacramento to the Bay Area for most Major League sports, even though we do have AAA Baseball, and of course, our Kings basketball franchise. The region has everything it needs to become a major player in any form of industry and/or tourist attractions. It is to Sacramento's disadvantage that their populations seek these types of entertainment elsewhere.
by Daveybl December 13, 2010
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