an aluminium sack in which goon (or cask wine) is packaged. mostly used in australia.
by newfoetus October 08, 2006
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Used to hold all the male juices that you end up accidentaly squirting into a ho's slot machine resulting in social welfare knocking on your door for racking some ho up, making her have a kid!--poor bastard gonna have to pay!
Before death Wilt used his sack to juice on 20,000 ho's. After death his detachable penis found its way to me and I have featured in many porn movies since!
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A "sack" can be the little baggy you put your illegal drugs in.
I lost my "sack" after purchasing my weed ...
by RGEN or KOUKIKiD! November 11, 2010
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1. The area which holds the male testis
2. Shortened work for 'Ballsack'
3. Used to improvise for a word that you would not like to say outloud.
1. ''There are two balls in my sack''
2. ''My sack is large''
3. ''Sack to that''
by Darrenliiike October 08, 2007
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To turn a person's backpack inside out, place their stuff back inside, and zipper it up. Usually takes place during class while the owner of the backpack is not paying attention and is done for a laugh when they try to pick up their backpack, realizing the straps are not there.

Origin: Schenectady High School
Watch your bags around them 'cause they might just sack you.
by KissTheStars December 06, 2006
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A person who consistantly makes mistakes and messes up, most often in social situations. A person who acts in a manner that is looked down upon by others.
Graham spilled his drink! What a sack!
by Irvington November 13, 2005
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