When you pull your dick out while getting head and smack her in the face with your balls.
Bro, I was getting some head last night but it was bad so I sacked her.
by YeetHoeJones March 09, 2019
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To get punched, kicked, beaten, or racked hard in the balls.
I got sacked hard in a fight last week.
by Sean June 24, 2003
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The conquering or destruction of a city, town, or village because of that urban population’s refusal to surrender. This refusal renders the attacking army into a state of intolerance, rage, and desire to kill everything, rape anyone, and burn what ever is left. Usually, in that order.

You refuse to surrender then we shall sack you! I wave my genitals at your aunties! Last one to sack the city has to rape the horses and ride off on the women! Make sure to kill all the men! Then kill their best friends. Then kill anyone who thinks they might know them! And then they will be sacked!
by Mr. Bez November 03, 2007
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1.(n)A piecce of fabric one carries possessions in.
2.(n)The scrotum.
3.(v)When one male places his genitalia on another person by removing pants and leans forward with their waste onto them. Can also be done with pants on.
4.(n)Slang for bed in which love is made on.
1."Hey, put those golf balls in the sack"
2."Man, I just got hit really hard in the sack, I think I'm going to throw up."
3."Dude, I sacked that little kid and he got his mom who then suckd my balls."
4."I got that hot bitch in the sack."
by Jamal Sanchez April 16, 2003
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when a male takes out his testicles and just lets them hang there when he walks. Sorta like sagging.
Person 1: Dude stop sacking my grandma is here.
by pielover97 December 13, 2010
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