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a handsome man who is very funny. he is easy to get along with, and is loved by beautiful women.
you are like totally saadi dude
by john jacup jim johnes April 13, 2008
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Usually the name of a big teethed witch that doesn't care for her students. When you go to her class, you dread every second of it. The work she gives is excruciating and you can't wait to leave. Legend has it, she used to be a stripper but I guess she changed now because she's a libtard. However, I'd sure love to have that flabby, boney ass bounce on this dick.
Teen 1: "I have Mrs. Saadi next class"
Teen 2: "Aw I'm so sorry dude."
by Sherwood Office February 06, 2019
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a dirty person; grody.

one who is often confused and very skanky.

looks like a dinosaur.

believes that when you look at the stars, you are time traveling.
Ew saaahhhnn she is saadi.

Boy 1: Did you see Sammi?

Boy 2: Yea she soo saadi!!!!!!!
by Emily Sabrina October 27, 2011
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