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A Swedish automobile company focusing on safety and uniqueness, being discovered in 1947 by 16 aircraft engineers. GM now owns 100% of the company, and has each model being built in different locations: (9-7x = detroit , new 9-3 = Germany, 9-5 = Sweden). The company remains unique with hi-powered 4 cylinder engines with light pressure turbos -- capable of pumping out 260 hp on the 9-5 sedan and sportcombi. There interiors are made from upscale materials, but not always as roomy as americans demand. Quirky-but-safe center mounted ignition switches are featured on every model, staying true to there rich and prestigious name. These are just a FEW reasons why the Saab company has the 2ND highest customer loyalty ranking out of all car companies. PEOPLE COME BACK FOR MORE -- THEY OBVIOUSLY BUILD A NICE CAR!] New XWD 'cross wheel drive' is now available on this 'different' , striving, and very original swedish car company.

they can tackle tuff swedish winters and still be more original than those EVER FADING rebaged Volkswagens audis]

yea just about all there platforms are shared!
The Saab Turbo X had 280 hp and fuckin SMOKED that stock- only gay-men drive] Audi A4!
by Butch McKeverson July 10, 2008

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