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masturbatory pleasure tool when filled with deep heat on a lonely night when the misses is off with her girlfriends...
"oh, christ that feels good"
by SPXKKKSS _OOODOOFKDOKF__K November 06, 2003
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a thing to wear on one's foot to insulate and avoid foot odour. can come in many shapes, colours and sizes

Also a word used as per the first two examples below.
' i'll give you the sock'
' i want none of your sock'
' does this sock belong on my ear?'
by Joanna September 30, 2003
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Possibly a 1337 sock, assumably these boys and girls put their sockets in them.

Replacing numerals for characters is getting old, quick.
h4x0r.thirteen- im so gonna go to the store and buy poptartz
leet_hacks@w- don't forget to put on your s0cks. xxx
h4x0r.thirteen- my WINS0CKS?
leet_hacks@w- ...
leet_hacks@w- right, enough of this mindfucking drivel. i'm off to buy a gun and some vodka. fuck you all.
h4x0r.thirteen- ...
h4xor.thirteen- yeah, me too. lets kill our sorry asses.
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
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