someone who thinks he is cool
see the above post from this, yep thats him
by some other dude August 31, 2003
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those dumbass Russian who really believe they are the No. 1 hotshit in the world.
I ain't never waste no chance to waste a goddamned Russkie.
by Ding October 3, 2003
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ß ãîâîðþ ïî-ðóññêè.
("Ya govoryu po-russki."
"I speak Russian.")
by No one of importance March 6, 2005
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a term for a Russian person
or the way to say Russian in Russian
From: big wolf on campus episode "commie dawkins"
"Talk to the Hand russki"
by Danny Alexsandrov November 30, 2007
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1. A way of writing the Russian word for the adjective "Russian" (русский) in English.

2. A derogatory word to refer to Russians or people of Russian descent. Sometimes extended to refer to other people from the former USSR, such as Belarusians and Ukrainians.
"The goddamn russkies are going to invade Poland if America doesn't bomb them to hell!"

"Your name's Melenkov? What are you some kind of a russki?"
"Actually I'm Ukrainian Jewish."
"Still a russki in my eyes."
by academic_rasta January 30, 2015
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An ethnic slur used to define an ethnic Russian, whether or not he/she is a citizen of the nation of Russia.
Dmitri, "Vy govorite na russkom?" (Do you speak Russian?)
Winston, "Damn russki."
by JCRules March 1, 2013
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