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One who isn't even worth being a tool.
George, you have absolutely no use to me, go away.
by Negger March 10, 2004
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1. One who is obsessed with Star Wars. May be a direct descendant of the star wars kid.
2. One that lingers around after a party is long over to ask questions like "Whats it like to smoke a ciggerete?" and "Whats it like to get drunk?". All while he can stop being a pansy pussy assnut and try it for himself. Once isn't going to kill you. Also see: pussy and clueless.
3. One who continuously cracks very lame jokes, in an attempt to gain attention, yet fails at every attempt.
4. I might go to hell for making fun of you, but its well worth the effort. People like you drive me mad.
Yo, why do you annoy everyone around you with your piss ass questions, and take that fucking star wars shirt off, you're in the middle of a party, and shut the fuck up, that joke was not funny. What are you, a Russian George?
by George February 28, 2004
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