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A bit like Dry-Humping, runting refers to two or more people simulating sex, while fully clothed. Runting differs in that it is 'performed' while dancing, usually drunk in a club. It's very obvious and hard to watch. It can be performed by either sex. Attention whores are the main advocates.
'Look at the state of Lorna, runting like a piglet.'
'I'll stay until you start runting complete strangers.'
'I'd a runting good night last night, or was it a good night of runting lol.'
by Smithword_ZA February 08, 2017
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to bump into somebody on purpose but act like it was an accident. way of flirting
I saw Darrell walking down the hallway and then i saw him runting Melissa. Can you believe that?
by yoshmohalla February 20, 2009
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