Calling a celebrity to die after two other stars have passed in order to take the curse off of yourself.
Tracy: Do you have any urge to investigate corruption in Russia?

Betty: Is this a rule of three call!?
by montypark October 30, 2009
A common thing that appears in video games.In order to get the next objective the player must destroy,kill,talk,conquer...etc. three things.
"Kill the Elite Three in order the pass the gate"

"Rule of three cliché strikes again"
by MrRedflick October 3, 2018
A misperception of the amount of time passed in someone else's company. Typically, the time dilation is by a factor of 3, however, it may be less with less intense feelings.
Guy: WHAT its already 3 oclock? We've been been together for three hours already?? Its only felt like one.
Girl: Wow, we are awesome. We just validated the Wise-Parker Rule of Three!
by Muchacho 1 June 20, 2011