The rule of 3 states how men overstate and women understate their number of sexual partners.

When asking someone about the number of sexual partners they've had, multiply a woman's answer by 3, because a woman wouldn't want to seem like a slut. When a man answers, divide the number he gives by 3, because he wants to seem like a player.
Josh said he'd made it with 3 women this year? Rule of 3: that really means he made it with one, or zero.
by Moggraider May 28, 2008
n. The fact that a girl can be persuaded to do pretty much anything when asked three times repetitively. This technique can be enhanced by a singular or collective "C'mon" by the asker and/or those surrounding.
Lee: Show me your boobs.
Dumb Girl: No!
Lee: Show me your boobs.
Dumb Girl: No!
Lee: Show me your boobs...c'mon.
Dumb Girl: ...okay.
Nathan: Unbelievable.
Lee (to Nathan): Rule of 3 man.
by Lomonte95 August 9, 2006
In Heroclix (miniature game with Superheroes) no stat can be altered (increased - decreased) more than 3.
Lakis: My Punisher's damage becomes 6 from two after RCE (+2) and two perplexes!

George: No, it doesn't. Rule of 3, failure!
by noirext January 20, 2009
Always try to occupy odd-numbered urinals. Never occupy a urinal right next to another urinal currently in use. And never, EVER start a conversation with anyone if you are using a urinal and/or if the person you want to talk to is using a urinal. That would just make everything really awkward.
*Guy 1 enters bathroom, occupies urinal*
Guy 1: Hey bro, what's up?
Guy 1: Oh shit, sorry
*Guy 1 moves urinals, pissing commences in silence*
by anonman123 April 16, 2010
ZOMGz I just found out Squizzle Squirrel yiffed with Aussie WildDog! What have we told Squizzle about yiffing! Never violate Rule 3! Don't stick your dick in crazy!
by Blabberwolf October 15, 2007
There can be only one man in an entire school that doesn't love ANYONE. Absolutely no one.
Boy: Love is overrated!
Boy 2: didn't someone else say that?
Boy 3: Rule -3, bitch.
by Sonicwave.exe May 11, 2021
12 yr old kid: who are you guys?
other person: hey kid, rule 3
by demolishun May 26, 2012