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drug dealer; one who stores their cash tied by a rubberband
rubberband man, wild as the tailiban
by tha rubberman band March 25, 2004
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"I'm the Rubber Band Man. It's basically about being back in the Trap, like when we start our day, we might have two, three, rubber bands on our wrist. According to how much dope we had to sell. By the end of the day, if we sold all our dope we don't have any more rubber bands around our wrists cause they wrapped around money. So the Rubber Band Man is just my little way of holding on to that lifestyle just a little bit. I ain't selling no more dope, but I'm still wrapping rubber bands around money." - from a whudat interview with T.I.
But why the rubber band?
It representin the struggle man.
- Rubber Band Man, T.I.
by dazzledlucky August 29, 2005
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I used to be a "dancer" and I always had rubber bands for my money. So there you have it, people who deal with alot of cash, may use rubberbands to organize it.
If someone has some rubberbands and is using them to hold onto large wads of cash they may not get a regular paycheck. For example they may be a stripper, drug dealer or have some other unconventional career. They are a rubber band man, or woman!
by Manda_79 October 29, 2007
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A person that represents his hood. usually a poor place like neighborhoods in the south and some in the north.
Why you wear Rubberbands? They show that i wont forget where i came from and what it made me. Thats why im RubberBand Man
by TjSwagg March 11, 2010
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(N.) one who is representing the struggle by keeping a fat wad of $ at their side and maybe also some bitches in rubber band thongs.
But why a rubber band? It representin' the struggle man.
-T.I., "Rubber Band Man"
by Hu$tleMang April 06, 2004
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A man who can only perform sexually with a tight rubber band triple-wrapped round his cock to restrict blood-flow, whilst fantasising that he's a smurf shagging smurfette.
Rubberband man theme tune:

Gonna find me a rubber band,
Gonna wrap it round my chonson,
Gonna find that lil' smurfette,
And may her suck my big blue cock tonight!

Oh yeah! That's what I'm gonna do,
Cos I'm a crazy smurf with a big blue cock tonight!
That's what I am!
I'm not some weirdo with a rubber band wrapped round my cock, no!
I'm a friggin smurf!
Why won't anyone believe me?
by cheddarfloor April 23, 2005
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