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A town in northern Illinois with a population of about 30,000 people. Demographics are as follows: white (62%), hispanic (31%), black (3%), and other ethnicities make up the other 4%. As a person who grew up in Round Lake, I feel that I had a strong sense of pride in my community. People who hate on the town either don't live there, or are losers who are never happy, but too lazy to leave. The demographics are changing because of a growing minority population and the building of upper scale housing subdivisions. Every town has its problems with juvenile delinquents and drugs. These problems in Round Lake should not be attributed to the minority population. Just ask what Vernon Hills and Lake Forest kids do in their spare time. It's a town that has a worse reputation than it deserves.
Which car wash should I go to in Round Lake? The one with Mighty Mouse riding the elephant on the roof (not in a dirty way, though! Get your mind out of the nasty ass gutter)!
by Grace S. March 13, 2006
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a ghetto ass town in northern illinois, where white people are the minority and its full of blacks and mexicans.
is this mexico, or round lake? hmm.. i cant tell. oh wait... theres more drugs here than mexico.
by round lake bitch February 10, 2005
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1. The best place to live if you dont want to be like those rich, stuck up fuckers in Libertyville or Lake Forest, or you don't want to live in the ghetto like North Chicago.
2. A town in Northern Lake county that has a highschool that doesn't have any good sports teams (aside from soccer but who gives a shit), a bunch of fast food places, and a population where mexicans are creeping up on the white people for majority
3. Where Kristofs and Lakes Bowl is. Enough said
4. A pretty damn good place to be if you want a decent life
Guy in car: "Hey, didn't we just pass through Round Lake?"
Other guy in car: "Yeah, thats where i grew up, man i love that place!"
by DaRoc May 13, 2009
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1) Where white kids are the minority and all the druggies come to play

2) Kristoffs and Lake Bowl and the Paradigm Cafe.

3) a Bunch or pussy ass poser bitchs who talk mad shit but dont do anything back

4) Gangs love to tag shit up here.

5) where all the stoners like Sandy Kinsey, Shane Kathem and Kyle Kenna live and make the town look worse then it is

6) where the only kid true to them selves keep to them selves
White kid 1: hey lets go to the movies
White kid 2: lets not theres alot of hood kids there.. >.>
wk1: wanna go to kristoffs
wk2: yea dude. aslong as those bitch ass pot heads arent there.

girl: damn theres nothing to do in Round Lake
guy: lets go to grayslake to the oasis
girl: yea i heard ttc is playing tonight :D
by ftsk girl June 08, 2009
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