a show that truely makes me feel like shit for being white
uh... thems r some crackers on rosane
by matt August 05, 2004
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At first she is shy and very gentle. She will try to make a good impression and she will stay friendly. When you really get to know her, she is: one of the most sweetest persons on earth. She will do anything for you.
Furthermore she can be crazy sometimes.

When a Rosan meets a Mick, there are two options: or they talk really friendly with each other or they throw water to each other.

Do not ever call her Rosanne or sing the song Rosanne van the Dutch singers Nick and Simon.
Be nice to a Rosan, then she will be sweet. Otherwise it will go wrong.
by Iamalwaysright September 22, 2013
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A fuck boy. He cheated on his girlfriend by giving hickeys to his ex on a Saturday night and hasn’t even told his girlfriend yet. He’s dated the entire of Rosehill, Carshalton, Mordern, WallingtoN
Ah nah Harvey Rosan is a player and jus wants a girl he’s a fuck boy muvvas
by Mhmmm :) March 19, 2020
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Fucking stupid ass teacher that thinks she is 20 but she is actually 99, she likes raping kids and she sucks 99 year old mans dick, also there is a boy named Connor that she sucks off every day. Also she licks her fingers a lot.
rosan sonborn
by rosan sonborn October 25, 2017
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