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The main city in the Southwest of England located on the south coast of Devon near the Cornish border. Plymouth is home is to one of the largest naval bases in Western Europe and home to far too many chavs.

Following intense bombing in WWII, the city centre was rebuilt by stoned and drug addicted urban planners who had a fetish for ugly concrete buildings. Most of the city centre and Union Street is now inhabited by total wankers who seem to like the disgusting surroundings.

Plymouth is also where the Pilgrims left from before heading to that nasty place called America.
I live in Plymouth and it would be nice if we rebuilt the city centre and exiled the chavs to a sinking boat in the middle of the Atlantic.
by Stewie February 08, 2005
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"Hey stewie-- you were moshmo at the party last night"
by Stewie December 10, 2003
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The second largest country in the world by land mass that lies on the northern most part of North America. Population is approx. 31 million. Canada is an officially billingual country where federal government services are offered in English and French. Current Prime Minister is Paul Martin and the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II.

Canada is a former British colony that obtained self-government in 1867 and effective independence in 1931 following the Statute of Westminster. British control of Canada was secured following the victory of General Wolfe over the French forces of Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec city in 1759.

The majority of the Canadiaa population is descended from immigrants from the British Isles although it is not politically correct to say so. The french speaking minority that constitutes 30 per cent of the population is concentrated in Quebec, with sizeable populations in Ontario and New Brunswick. Other main immigrant groups are Germans, Italians, Poles, Ukranians, East Indians, and Chinese.

Canada has fought in the Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, the Gulf War, and even sent troops to the Russian revolution to assist the White/Royalist forces. Despite the military history, Canadians now prefer to view themselves as peacekeepers. Canada's military is now so ancient and neglected I wouldn't trust it to help me across the street, not to mention fight a war.

The main cities are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The capital is Ottawa. 90 per cent of the Canadian population lives within 200 kms of the American border.

Most Canadians like to think of themsleves as really different from Americans but it's mainly just a national sham based on a publically funded health care system. Most Canadians also like to view themselves as nice and polite when really it's just an excuse for being boring.

American-style flag waiving and patriotism is now ingrained in Canada. This ironically makes Canadians more like Americans when they are in fact trying to be different from them. Ha ha.
I thought things couldn't get more boring, then I arrived in Canada.

Canada can't buy a medal at the olympics becasue it provides less funding for its athletes than Tajikistan.

At least I live in Canada rather then the Great Satan to the south.

I won't get shot now that I have crossed the border from America to Canada.
by Stewie February 07, 2005
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What Peter Andre hopes his acorn will one day grow into.
'When I stroke my acorn it grows, now that's mysterious alright. But then it gets small again - insania!'
by Stewie May 19, 2004
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Guy #1: you walked in on him?
Guy #2: yeah.
Guy #1: well what was happened?
Guy #2: he realized someone was in there threw the gigglestick between the fly and rode off into the sunset.
by Stewie July 28, 2004
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